J’adore !! Hiving room


Bonjour ! This post is about top vintage decoration, I would like to introduce you to Caroline who I used to work with in a previous “life” in Paris. I say life because I see that both of our routes has changed quite a lot since then. Caroline escaped the advertising & business world to do what I think she truly loves and is so talented for : design, vintage decoration, imagining rooms setting with flair.  She has made her dream job come true and created her little company in Paris. Hiving room is now a top address if you wish to create a very personalized decoration. Decoration is about look and feel, so see below some inspiration given by Caroline or visit her site Love it too ?

Hiving Room inspiration


One of my favorites found in the boutique (would like to use it for my shoes)






A little swim in Wow places !


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Pamukkale, Bora Bora, Marina Bay Sands in Singapour, stunning beaches …

Have you been swimming in an incredible place ? hmm maybe something to add in your wishes list for next year …

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

Pamukkale, the “cotton castle”, Turkey.

Turkey amazing-places-antelope-pamukkale-2

Phuket, Thailand. Phuket also offers plenty of magic spots for diving all around the Andaman sea.


Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Project Aquaria Grande, Borivali in India.

As the stream goes, Zurich in Switzerland.

Crans Montana, Switzerland

Diving in the past, Easter Island.75962_302867943156512_1735260576_n

White Haven, Whitsunday Islands in Australia.


Pastel pink sandy beach, Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

And when the sun goes down…

Sunrise at Costa Brava, Spain.


And when the sun is gone… midnight & glowing swim in Vaadhoo Island, Maldives.



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Made of silk for the summer, huge for the winter, scarf are great to add the little touch of class, of color, of style or just because it is cold outside.

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I bought this scarf during the last summer, an impulse buy while walking around in the city with my mother who was visiting me for a week-end. We stopped by this little boutique called Lopardo. The beautiful scarf in the window display made us want to see more. We started having a look at the beautiful collection of scarves, tried so many and eventually found the perfect one with the help of the sale assistant. Each scarf has different ways to wear it, and 2 color ranges depending on how it is wore.

Image 1

Lopardo, Weinplatz 10 / Storchengasse. 8001 Zurich.
Go there.